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Organizing the After Event Networking Party

Modified on 2010/07/24 19:02 by Scott Gleason Categorized as Uncategorized
AKA. the After Party.

  • Contact party site at least 45 days in advance, reserve space - Friday nights can be challenging, sometimes needs cash guarantee
  • Try to reserve a section away from main areas (outside works good), be conscious of noise level, try for open seating not bench seating
  • These often run long, make sure wait staff gets a really good tip. Consider 35% tip.
  • Introduce people to each other, encourage networking
  • Try to have it located close to the published hotel and/or SQLSaturday event.
  • Now is your time to get face to face time with your attendees, encourage networking
  • You can bring your left over swag (shirts. pens..) and just give it to attendees.
  • ScrewTurn Wiki version Some of the icons created by FamFamFam.