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Welcome to the SQLSaturday Wiki


We're putting all of our existing documentation about SQLSaturday event management online in this wiki and will maintain it as the primary resource for event leaders. To start with we're going to limit edits to event leaders and key volunteers and we'll re-evaluate in a few months to see if we should open up editing to all of our members. It's going to be a little disorganized to start with, but it will take shape!



If you are planning an event, look at the following pages based on your event role.


Event Leader

Sponsor/Budget Coordinator

Speaker/Session Schedule Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Venue Coordinator

Food Coordinator

For those of you creating and editing content, we ask you to follow the guidelines below. If you find a situation that calls for an exception either drop us a note (webmaster at sqlsaturday.com) or post it on our todo page.


  • Limit pages to about what you can read without scrolling
  • Use H1/H2 tags and bullets to organize content (and others if you need them), but keep it simple - just share the knowledge
  • Do a quick review of the all pages list before creating a new one
  • Feel free to modify pages, whether to fix a typo or to make it easier to read or more informative.
  • Got an idea for a topic, but not enough time or knowledge to write it? Add a note to our Todo List.

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