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Pre Event Planning

Event Location

  • Identify number attendees desired
  • Find location
  • Secure location
  • Identify max number of attendees

Schedule SqlSaturday Event

  • Contact HQ to schedule (get number)
  • Identify website admins
  • Identify open and close dates for speakers and registration


  • Post event on event calendars
  • Contact bloggers or social media

  • Sponsors
    • Develop sponsor plan
    • Send sponsor plan to sponsor
    • Followup with sponsors
    • Answer sponsor questions
    • Collect sponsor $
    • Once paid make sure sponsor get post to website (click checkbox on sponsor tool)
  • Speakers
    • Open call for speaker
    • Contact local speakers
    • Answer speaker questions
    • Social media marketing
    • Contact all local user groups to market
    • Attendees
      • open registration
      • social media marketing
      • contact all local user groups to market


  • Sessions
    • Abstract revie
    • Contact/accept speakers
    • Develop schedule of tracks and timeslots
    • Juggle schedule based on speaker feedback
    • Finalize schedule
    • Volunteer duties with timeframes
      • who, what, where, and when
        ==Misc Tasks==

  • Find pre and post party location 
  • Food planning (find vendor) stuff
  • Event bag
  • Shirt ordering
  • Signage stuff room setups printing
  • Follow up with speakers to make sure they are coming

registration food servers room monitors photographer Welcoming staff Gophers distributing books to speaker at each session vendor support cleanup - pull down sign sign posters eval collectors raffle MC


tabulating eval

post event messaging vendors, speakers, and attendees

schedule next event

post event volunteer meeting or feedback

calculating final expense, more or less of food, beverage, etc

 Post pictures to website

 Raffle distrution

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