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Speaker Ready Room

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Download on this page a full speaker checklist, based on their feedback to PASS.

You may want to consider a speaker ready room. When determining this you need to think of the advantages and disadvantages. 

Here is a list of some of the Advantages and Disavantages:


  • Speakers like a location to talk to other speakers.
  • This room allows them a location to perpare for their session
  • This room also allows speaks a place to find
  • More secured location for session giveaway storage
  • Location to distrubute speaker gifts and shirts.


  • Takes additional room
  • This might require additional costs
  • Takes additional cleanup time

When determine what kind of room you need you need to think of the following things:

  • How much space you might need. 
  • storage space for swag

Things to provide: (Attached to this page is a full checklist of things the speakers have communicated that they'd like to have provided)

  • Refreshments and snacks for speakers
  • USB Hub
  • Wifi
  • Powerstrips (rarely enough outlets) and possibly extension cords
  • Spare power supplies for Dell/HP/IBM laptops in case someone forgets
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