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Planning for onsite registration of attendees is an important part that needs to be thought through in advance.

1. Think about how you want the attendee check-in line(s) laid out. Do you want tables to be organized Alphabetically and the queue forms in front of the table or have a single line and people go to the first table available. Another option, if using SpeedPASS, have one line for those who pre-printed their SpeedPASS, have another line with a printer onsite for those who didn't pre-print their SpeedPASS. (See Using SpeedPASS for Registration for details)

2. You can have seperate line for volunteers, speakers and sponsors.  This will allow them to get to their responsibilities quickly. If you have speakers check-in then you know they are there. Alternately, you direct to the speaker room and self-check in themselves.

3. The ideal ratio is about 60 people per line/table.

4. Print out the registration list upfront and have the possibility of anybody checking-in into any table. This does add other complexities like possible duplicate registrations etc.

5. If you are allowing for walk-ins, have a registration sign-in sheet so those details can be captured. Provide the walk-ins with a blank SpeedPASS, so they can participate in the sponsor raffle drawings. They will need to write their name and email on each ticket, and their name badge.

6. Have a greeter to help people go to the right line and a person to help people to direct them to the right place after check-in.

     Items to deliver during registration.

     a. Attendee bag ( if you are giving out one). The attendee bag could everything the attendee needs to know to navigate himself through the rest of the day. This would also include any sponsor flyers/brochures etc. You could also include the Speaker Evaluation and Event Evaluation forms in the bags.

     b. Event Guide/Map/Schedule  could be in the attendee bag or handed up seperately.

     c. Name tags are a nice for networking during the day.

               * Stick-on tags on the table where people can write their name/company/role/twitter tag. Have markers pens available there.                   Pros - Stick-ons are easy to prepare and less work for the organizer.                   Cons - Readability

               * Pre-printed name tags would also work. If you are using SpeedPASS, this process pre-prints a name tag for the attendee, you would just need to provide a name badge holder and lanyard)                    Pros - Professional, Readable                    Cons - Cost, replacability

       d. Lunch tickets as applicable. (SpeedPASS includes a lunch ticket if the attendee pre-paid for their lunch)        e. Raffle tickets (SpeedPASS includes a custom raffle ticket for each Sponsor indicated by the admin)        f. After-event party info( in the event bag ? ).        g. Any other networking event.        h. Wrist bands could help you get count of people at any point in time without having to reconcile registration list. This also could become the ticket to enter the after event party.

8. Things you can tell/ask the attendees. -Welcome with a smile on your face. - Verify their Vegetarian preference

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