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Sponsor Raffle

As part of the sponsor plan sponsors are typically asked to provide a raffle item to draw attendees to their table and obtain contact information.

1. Pre-print tickets with (use pre-perforated paper)  one vendor is www.perforatedpaper.com - ensures that the sponsor gets legible information and it is more likely to be a real email address:

  • Optional sponsor logo - this would allow you to say each ticket is dedicated to a specific sponsor.  This way the sponsor raffling and XBOX doesn't get all the tickets.
  • Attendee Name
  • Attendee Email
  • Attendee Company - Sponsors like to be able to put a name with a company especially if the customer is a current customer. 

2.  Include tickets in attendee bag  (you can pre-tear or you can put the sheet or sheets) 3.  When to have the raffle?

  • End of Day - be sure to intrroduce sponsor when raffling their item.  If sponsor representative is still on-site have them draw and announce winner(s).
  • Sponsors can choose to hold their own raffle or rafffles throughout the day.  Be sure that they clearly communicate when the raffle(s) will be held and if winner must be present.

SWAG Raffle

Most events will have prizes for sponsors to raffle off, ranging from software valued at $1000 down to books and even smaller items. By end of day people are tired and selecting winners can take time, so it's a good idea to limit the number of prizes awarded at the end of the day, and do the smaller prizes through out the day (see Prize Desk).

1.  End of the day raffle

  • Tends to keep attendees around through the end of the day
  • Be sure to schedule a block of networking time between the end of the final session and the raffle.  This block should be no more 20 minutes as you may lose some attendees.
  • Identify which prizes will be done at end of day
  • For software prizes, make sure you have a placeholder - build a "prize certificate" that includes the software key or the contact information for the vendor
  • Have someone available to record who wins the prizes, that information should go back to the sponsor and it's also great to announce as a close out note for the event.
  • Using event evaluations as raffle tickets is a good way to reduce the amount of times a ticket is drawn for someone that has already left for the day
  • We highly recomend requiring attendees to be present to win.
  • Leave a break between the last session and the start of the raffle. It's definitely bad to start the raffle before everyone can be present (such as when a session runs long). That break also gives you time to get organized.

2.  In Session Raffles

  • Work best when you have volunteers as room monitors who can ensure the speaker ends early enough to do the raffle and also to collect evaluations/tickets.
  • Can be used to encourage attendees to fill out speaker/session evaluations as the evaluations can be used as the raffle tickets.
  • The biggest issue with this is to keep the speakers moving and have time for the raffle and still allow the next speaker time to setup.

Final Notes:

You can never give away enough stuff.  Make sure you specify whether or not a person must be present to win. 

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