End of Day Cleanup

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Know before the event if you are responsible for cleaning up the venue; Connect with venue maintenance team, find out what you can do to help (or vice versa).  Some sites will provide cleanup for a fee.  If you do not know, assume that you need to clean up, otherwise you may not be able to secure the same venue for next year.

Your attendees will generate a lot of trash during the day. Don’t wait until the end of the day to clean up. You should try to remove trash between sessions, after lunch, and after the event ends.  If you do not have a main dumpster, consider staging your trash in the back of a pickup truck, or a utility trailer to be hauled away at the end of the event.

Do not buy cheap trash bags which will break, especially if lunch is pizza, these boxes will easily rip thru cheap trash bags.  One box of 2 mil construction trash bags with tab at the end which can easily be tied into a knot work very well.

Be sure that periodically monitor the trash in the bathrooms as well, your attendees in general will not inform you that the restroom needs cleaning.

If you'd like to closed up the event sight soon after the event, then have a few people sit out the last session of the day.  This will allow them to begin breaking down of the event and clean up at the same time.

You may need other cleaning supplies; vacuum, wipes, broom. Good to bring just in case. Ask if facility recycles.