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Managing Volunteers

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Event leaders and event committees decide which groups get tasked with what. Your committee of volunteer needs the following in order to reach success:

  • Clear directions - There's a difference between "go make some signs" and "please make some hallway signs that direct users to room X"
  • Organization - plan for volunteer group to meet a few times to make sure everyone is "on the same page"
  • Schedule - Set a schedule. It's tough to get things done when you get last-minute notice to perform a task or meet.
  • Praise - Remember these volunteers are there on their own time. Remember to make them feel appreciated as they are a vital part of making your event a success. It's optional but you can extend an invite to volunteers to attend speaker's dinner the night before the event as an additional "thank you".
  • Communication - Not only with your group of volunteers but also with the event leaders to make sure everything is coodinated properly.

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