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Managing Event Messages

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Login to SQLSaturday Admin site (http://admin.sqlsaturday.com)

Go to Messaging tab

  • Send Messages
    This is where an Event Admin would be able to create and send messages to various types of target groups (i.e. attendees, speakers, sponsors, etc). Once Event Admin clicks on "Send Message", an email will be sent to Event Admin(s) with confirmation link to approve this email to go out. This is to avoid any spam or unwanted emails going to the target email group. Once confirmed, the email is queued on the Email server and will go out on the next batch to send.

  • [NEW] Unapproved Messages

       If for whatever reason, an Event Admin did NOT receive the aforementioned confirmation email (i.e. went to junk folder, rejected by receiving Email server as spam, etc), he/she can manually approve the message here.

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