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 We suggest that you purchase your items from a bulk sales store. Costco/Sams


  • coffee.. This will go very fast in the morning... try to have Gallons of water on hand to make coffee with. 
  • coffee cups.
  • napkins & paper towles
  • real creamer
  • real sugar and artificial sugar buy the individual packets
  • optional fresh fruit (bananas, apples, oranges), try to purchase in bulk. 
  • doughnuts (.75 X attendee)
  • You'll also need a trash can right next to the coffee stand.


    Drinks to have all day long

  • Water (you don't want to run out of water! buy at least 2 bottles of water per person.. more if it will be a hot day) 
  • Tea
  • Soft Drinks (2 X attendee)  ensure you also get Decaff / Diet. 
  • ICE

    There are 2 models for lunch

1. Attendee pays for lunch (around $10) 2. All lunches/food are covered.

This involves deciding the menu, finding caterers that offer the menu for the best prices and making sure that you also account for comps (volunteers, vendors and speakers).   Please be aware that some of your attendees may be vegetarians.

Do not promote on-site purchasing of food but order a few extras in case someone wants to buy onsite.

You will need a few lunch monitors to collect lunch tickets during the distribution of lunches. This model works best in a boxed lunch model rather than a buffet where people come back for seconds.

For Lunch tickets you can preprint them using perforated cards or typically companies like vistaprint.com  which prints business cards can print lunch ticket cards ( on a business card ) for $10 for 500 tickets.

Updated 4/25/2012: Currently the new SpeedPASS feature in the system will print a lunch ticket for all attendees who have paid for lunch. If you are not charging for lunch, and don't wish to use tickets, you can set this ticket to not print prior to generating the SpeedPASS. This is located under Event Settings/Site Settings in the admin site.

Avoid the generic raffle tickets to be used as lunch tickets since vendors might end up providing a similar colored ticket for their raffle and could cause confusion.

It would be good idea to have one of the vegetarian volunteer/attendee to test the food out as well. Also many meat eaters can eat vegetarian so ordering of vegetarian food is not a bad idea since vice versa will not work out.
  During lunch, your chilled soft drinks will go fast, be sure to have one volunteer watch the soft drinks.  You will also want one volunteer watch how much trash is being generated and remove it.


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