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SQLSaturday Images and Logos

Modified on 2013/11/19 17:17 by Karla Landrum Categorized as Uncategorized
Good news! You no longer have to create your own logos/images for your SQLSaturday. PASS provides a full kit of logos, in various formats, for use on the web, print, embroidery. The kit also includes logo buttons for your speakers (I'm Speaking At) to post on their blogs/websites to help market themselves and the event for you.

Per the SQLSaturday license, the event logos provided to you by PASS are not to be altered in any way.

The event logos can be found in your admin site, under Event Settings. If you cannot find them, contact the PASS Community Evangelist at ce@sqlpass.org and someone will email them to you.

ScrewTurn Wiki version Some of the icons created by FamFamFam.