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Attendance Goals

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How to gauge the number of attendees you expect to come an event ?

The bigger the event , the more logisitcs, planning and volunteers are needed to host a successful event. Take these things into consideration when determining the size of the event.

If you are trying to find a free venue,  the venue capacity might set the max registration count of the event.

There are certainly paid venue options that can help increase your capacity but you need to consider that in your budget. Most of the times, especially if you are doing your first SQL Saturday, go with a free venue or a relatively inexpensive venue that makes sense with your attendance goals.

Your sponsors and sponsorship $ coming in might be tied to the attendance goals. Some vendors may need to know how big your event is before deciding to sponsor or not. The sweet spot is between 250-400 people and varies by geography.

Expect an approximate 30% drop off rate.

Here are factors to consider while planning your attendance goals.

1. Geography/Transportation/Parking issues around the venue. 2. Timing of your event  around other major technology events and sporting events ( superbowl / nba finals etc.. ) 3. Holiday and vacation times 4. Graduations

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