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WIT Community Outreach

The Women in Technology Panel is one of the highlights for many, both women and men, attending the PASS Summit each year. Back in 2010, members of the PASS Women in Technology Virtual Chapter realized that regional events like SQL Rally and SQL Saturday would be great venues to extend the experience to those who haven’t attended the Summit. Since then, many SQL Saturday events have included WIT panels. 

It is very easy to include a WIT Panel in your SQL Saturday event. A quick way to get started is by sending a request for assistance to the WIT Community Outreach Committee WIT_Community_Outreach@sqlpass.org. Please include the subject “WIT Panel” in the message. While the committee can’t guarantee one of our members will attend your event, we can help you via a phone call or two to set up your panel.

Here are the things you need for a successful WIT panel: 

  • Organizer/moderator: One person who will moderate the session. Generally, this person will also keep things on track leading up to the event.

  • Panel: Usually, three or four people on the panel is good number. Good candidates are speakers, volunteers, and leaders in the local community. The panel doesn't have to be composed of all women. 

  • Topic: Come up with your own topic, or borrow atopic from previous Summit panels. It’s best to talk about something that interests everyone.
         o  Encouraging the Next Generation
         o  Being Heard

            o  Negotiating Skills

            o  Balancing Work and Life  

  • A good time slot: This can make or break your session. Here are things to consider:

            o  Lunch is a great time since it is not competing with technical sessions. Sometimes, there is just not enough time during lunch because of long lines at the                  serving tables.

            o  There have also been successful sessions during the regular time slots.                     

  • Publicity: Ask the SQL Saturday team to include information about the panel in the emails that go out in the days before the event. Put up signs at the venue and talk about the session to others you meet.Make sure that men know that they are welcome to attend. Often they bring along their daughters to the session!  

  • A plan: There are many ways to do this session.You can come up with a couple of questions for the panelists to answer on the topic and then open up for audience participation. It could be a round-table.The entire session could be Q&A. It’s up to you!  

    Remember that the Community Outreach Community is here to
    help or answer any questions you may have about having your own WIT panel. We
    are looking forward to hearing from you!

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