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What Is SQLSaturday?

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It’s a one day free training event that targets SQL Server professionals. It’s held on a Saturday because many IT professionals have a difficult time taking time off from work for training. Training sessions are conducted by members of the community, sharing tips, tricks, and techniques that they have learned and want to share. So far the events have been in the well known conference style; multiple tracks with multiple speakers per track, but that is certainly not the only possible format. We also see SQLSaturday as fulfilling two useful goals for local user groups. The first is a membership drive and awareness builder, the second goal (for years 2 and later) is as a fund raiser, hoping to make a profit from the event that can go back into the group general fund for user in bringing in speakers and paying for pizza.

  • It is  typically held on a Saturday! This is to make sure that everyone has the chance to attend without trying to get a day away from the office.
  • Attendees attend at no charge, but a lunch fee of up to $10 is allowed.
  • If the event is sponsor supported we will treat sponsors with as much care as we do our attendees and make every effort to see that they get a good return on their investment (so they'll sponsor us again the next time!).
  • We will build and manage these events as a team of volunteers - no one person heroics.
  • We will encourage local SQL Server professionals to speak at the event.
  • These focus on free technical training and networking opportunities for the attendees.
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