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Congratulations on being designated as the Shirt Purchasing Officer for your local SQL Saturday.  Your job is important because shirts are the visual representation of SQL Saturday.  They help you differentiate between the roles at SQL Saturday.  Finally, it is a great opportunity to show our appreciation to all those that contributed to the event.

Schedule Start Planning Get Shirt Sizes Order Shirts Receive Shirts   Planning Decide who gets a shirt

  • Most events give all speakers shirts
  • If you have a lot of speakers and you are an annual event, you may decided to provide shirts only to new speakers.
  • Some events give shirts to volunteers, leadship and sponsors as well.
  • You can also provide shirts to attendees.
  • Keep in mind that not all roles need to have the same style of shirt.  For example, speakers could get Polos and attendees could get T-shirts.


  • Typically a Polo shirt is provided because it can be worn to work.  T-shirts are another option, but some speakers will not wear it for the event.  Another option would be to provide long-sleeved, collared, button up shirt, which is a nice addition but more expensive.
  • A nice addition for your women speakers is to order gender specific shirts.
  • Feel free to personalize your shirts, for example the Baton Rouge's speaker shirts were designed in the style of New Orleans Saints.
  • Consider modifying the shirt color from year to year so that speakers don't look like they are wearing the same shirt over and over again.
  • Ensure that you place the SQL Saturday Logo for your event on the shirt so that it is prominently displayed.  Some people include the event number and some don't.  If you don't include the number the shirts can be reused at your next event.  However, if you do use the number it is more specific for that event.
  • Some events personalize the shirts with the speakers name.  If you include the name be sure order extra shirts without names in case of speaker cancellations and additions.
  • If you sponsorship plan states that your will include logos on the shirt then you must place the logos on the shirt.   You can order and size your logos by sponsorship level. 

Ordering Quantity and Sizes Extra Shirts  Cost Shirt Vendors Distribution Labeling When How

To Do Get shirt sizes from old events to help estimate number of extra shirts to purchase


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