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Modified on 2010/07/24 17:08 by Andy Warren Categorized as Uncategorized
Every event should be a one page PDF event flyer that covers the location and date as a minimum, plus log.

  • Contact every local college (especially the IT dept)
  • Contact local user groups (not just SQL)
  • Contact local MS developer evangelist/other contacts
  • List on the PASS event calendar (should happen at event set up, just confirm) (causes it to be listed in the PASS Connector)
  • List on the UGSS calendar
  • List on the LinkedIN calendar
  • Big community sites - SQLServerCentral, SQLTeam, etc
  • Ask local staffing to broadcast
  • Post flyers in local bookstores
  • Ask chapter members to print and post flyer at work
  • Frequent messaging to attendees and previous attendees via site email (once a week is NOT too often!)
  • Ask speakers to blog and twitter (more than once)
  • There is a place in the admin tools to catalog your marketing contacts and a dedicated email list
  • Important to reach developers - they know SQL people!
  • Ask SQL vendors to announce to their mailing lists
  • Ask local vendors - especially really close to venue - to post the flyer
  • Make sure to post twitter weekly, use the event hash tag
  • Try to get one really big name speaker
  • Accelerate marketing once schedule announced
  • Integrate any seminar with the main message
  • List in local newspaper (upcoming events)
  • TODO: we need to show admins the "how did I hear about the event"

Need samples of flyers

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