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Finding Speakers

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The call for speakers is a key part of the event.  You should open the call for speakers early to start to stimulate interest in the event.  You also need to close the call for speakers well in advance of the event for several reasons:

  1. Allows you to get the schedule out which can help drive attendance based on the topics/speakers.
  2. Allows speakers time to make travel events.
  3. Helps sponsors see what value they can get based on speakers.
    Marketing methods (NOTE: PASS currently sends out an automatic Call for Speakers message to all speakers of any SQLSaturday event when your event is published to the website)

    Twitter - Post a tweet using the #sqlsat and #sqlsat hash tags.  You can also use the SQL Server Presenters list built by Jeremiah Peschka at http://twitter.com/peschkaj/sql-server-presenters
    LinkedIn - You can use the PASS LinkedIN group to post a discussion.
    User Groups - You can see a list of user groups to contact on the PASS Chapters Page.  User group leaders will often be speakers and will be able to recommend other speakers.
    Local MVPs - Try the Find and MVP Page(requires a Windows Live Login)
    Local Microsoft Developer Evangelists, TS's, and PFE's
    Sponsors - many times sponsors also have speakers that they will provide for an event.
    Local businesses/colleges - you may be able to get local college professors that would be willing to speak.
    Leadership's co-workers - use your personal network to get speakers

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