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Event Guide

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Event guide can be as big or as small as you wish.  These are suggestions of what can be included.  First time events may decide to make a smaller guide, and that is perfectly okay!  The purpose of the event guide is to educate attendees on what is going to happen, where it's going to happen, and when it's going to happen and what the attendees can expect

What is the event guide?
  • Intro
  • Schedule / Tracks
    • You can either color code the schedule based on rooms or tracks
    • If you have a booklet, consider putting the schedule in the centerfold to make it easier for attendees to pull it up more quickly
    • You can either list out your sessions or put them in a grid format
    • Event location
      • A printed map is nice to include
      • Parking information
      • After event party location
        • List the location, time, map, what the reservation is under (if applicable)
        • Rooms
        • Speaker bios
        • Food services (breakfast and lunch info)
          • List any specific vegetarian choices/locations
          • Raffle info
            • List when/where raffle will be
            • List how raffles can be entered
            • List what will be done with the raffle tickets, for example if you put in a raffle ticket, your information goes to the sponsor
            • Sponsor info
              • Can sort/size by sponsorship level
              • Logos or contact info is nice
              • Thank the venue sponsor (very important!)
              • Thank you message to the attendees
              • Information about PASS, SQLRally, PASS Summit (future events)
              • Include information about SQL Server user group, including meeting location and time and contact information, and other local user groups

Because event details are bound to change, errors are inevitable and expected.  Determine a way to inform attendees of the major changes.

  • This is a great project to hand off to a volunteer to create this!

Printing the Event Guide
  • Ask your volunteers if they have access to printing on the cheap
  • Make sure you wait as long as possible to print your event guide, as event details, such as speakers, rooms, and schedule, continually change.  However, they should be ready one day before either event bags are stuffed or registration is set up.
  • You can either print your guide in color, black and white, or a combination of both.  While color enhances the attendee experience and looks more professional, color printing is much more expensive than black and white.  Be aware of these variables.

  • You have a choice of providing your event guide online only, printed only, or online/printed.  If you provide your guide online only, you will save money and reduce waste.  On the other hand, you may face repeated questions from attendees about the event if they forgot to print one out.  If you provide your guide to attendees, you have extra overhead, but will reduce questions and schedule congestion.  Finally, an online and printed guide will involve the same pros and cons.
  • Event guides can either be provided in event bags or handed out during registration.
  • Plan for some extras in case people lose or misplace their event guides.

Insert link to Printing vendors here Insert link to a PDF version of multiple event guides, including NTSSUG event guide

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