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Event Bags

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For your event you need to develop a method to provide attendees with information from sponsors and your event.  The event bag is a great way to distribute this information simply.  Here are some of things you should consider:

Types of bags

  • Sponsor information
  • Event Guide
  • Sponsor giveaways
  • Speaker gifts & shirts

Obtaining Bags

  • You can puchase bags plan brown bags from Uline.com or 4imprint.com
             Uline has these for less than 50 and a carton of 500 http://www.uline.com/Product/ProductDetailRootItem.Aspx?modelnumber=S-6856
  • Sponsors might be willing to provide bags
  • You can also work with your shirt vendor to see if they offer bags.  The advantages of having a vendor produce your bags is that you can determine what goes on the bag.  You can put your event name on the bag, sponors information, etc.

Stuffing bags

  • Need to obtain material to go in the bag.  Should encourage sponsor to provide information and free givesaways to put in bag (water bottle, pens, thumb drives, etc)
  • Printed event guide should go in bag.
  • It is best to stuff the bags prior to the event.  This is best done by getting some volunteers together for a stuffing party the week, or day before the event.  It is also possible do it on the day of the event provided you have a location and volunteers to do this in a timely manner. If you are going to do a day of stuffing party then you need one volunteer to determine how to do it and organize all the other volunteers.  Consider having 5 or more volunteers to do the stuffing, varies depending on the amount of material to put in bag.

Leftover Bags

  • Reused for you next event
  • Donated to other organizations (i.e local developers group).
  • Offer to attendees at the end of the event

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