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Evaluations - Speaker and Event

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Event Eval Sample Attached

Speaker Evals


Value of Speaker Eval

Speaker appreciate the feedback they get after the hard work they put in to present in front of the audience. They would to know what are things they do well and things that they could improve on.

This results in better quality output from speakers that only raises the bar of the event for the future.

As an organizer, you know information on who are the good speakers that you want to re-invite/re-organize for future events.

Format of Speaker Session Evaluation forms

You can consider online evals and hardcopy evals. Look for what can works for you better.

Giving the evals to the speakers

To provide quicker feedback back speakers, the following models could be looked at.

1. Have a box at the back of the room and collect the evals as people walk out. The speaker could grab those evals as he leaves the room. While the speaker gets the evals instantly, the down side to this that the organizers do not have any visibility into what was in those evals.

2. You can also sort these evals and scan and send it to the speaker within 2-3 days. Having scanner with ADF ( automatic document feeders) helps scan these faster and helps organize them as well. This helps give organizers get a copy of the evals as well thus they could find more details on what worked better for each of those sessions.

Logistics Tell speakers to ask attendees to fill evals at the end of the session and put them in the box at the back of the room. The Room Monitor can hand out empty evals as people walk in and collect them on their way out. Alternately they can be dropped in a box at the back of the room.

Tying Evaluations with incentives Here are some examples of what others folks have done for making sure people submit feedback to the organizers and to the speakers.

1. Having every attendee put their raffle ticket number on the evals. This encourages people to fill speaker evals and they get one shot at the raffle for every eval.

2. Another model is having instant raffle in the last few minutes of the session. Have the speaker draw from the collected evals at the end of his session for something like a free book.

3. An evaluation raffle prize that is reserved for people who submitted a completed Event Evaluation.
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