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Charging for Lunch

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Deciding whether or not to charge for lunch is a big decision that needs to be made before the event is announced. Attendees will always prefer a totally free event, but charging for lunch is a way to make sure that the single biggest event cost is covered. It's important to note that we do not require attendees to pay for lunch, they have the option of bringing their own.

How Much To Charge?

We allow charging up to $15 for lunch; you may elect to charge less. When determining the fee be sure to include your miscellaneous costs such as napkins, cups, soda, etc, that are all part of providing food to attendees. Typically we include in this the cost of providing breakfast items such as donuts and coffee. The key is to make sure attendees understand clearly when they register what they will get for their lunch fee. We should never allow the lunch fee to look like its being use to subsidize other parts of the event.

How to Set Up Charging for Lunch

When you submit an event request you can enter a dollar amount up to $15. If you enter zero that means the registrant will not be prompted at the end of registration to pay for lunch. By entering an amount in this field, the SQLSat site will immediately direct the registrant to your Paypal account that you've set your event request to use. 


How Do Users Pay For Lunch

At the end of registration they will be redirected to PayPal to pay for lunch. If they pay their lunch status will be automatically updated on the site. Many users will prefer to wait until closer to the event to actually pay, we have an mailing list on the admin site that will let you send a payment link to anyone that has not paid for lunch. Some users will contact you to say that they prefer to provide their own lunch, you can change their status so that they don't get follow up invoices.


Event leaders are responsible for refunds and for setting the refund policy.

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