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Budget Planning

Modified on 2010/07/24 19:44 by Jorge Segarra Categorized as Event Management


For first time organizers this can be one of the most difficult tasks to tackle. One of the things that will help you start is by setting your number of expected attendees. This number helps you set a baseline for your costs. A conservative estimate of attendees will be (number of avg. user group attendance * 10) = Estimated attendees expected. Another general baseline seen throughout the community is if you are in an area that holds Code Camps, take their average attendance and expect roughly half that number.


These estimations are general numbers seen throughout various events held. These numbers may vary according to location, cost, etc.

  • Breakfast (costs include: coffee, tea, donuts, juice, fruits,etc.): $2-5/person
  • Lunch: $5-8/person
  • Venue: $0-$2500
  • Drinks (water/soda/juice/etc.)
  • Utensils/Napkins/Plates/etc
  • Printing costs
  • Speaker dinner
  • Lanyards
  • Speaker/volunteer shirts
  • Post-Event Networking event
  • Out-of-town speaker sponsorships

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