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Using SpeedPASS for Registration

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SpeedPASS is an all-in-one admission kit for your attendees. It includes their name badge, admission ticket, lunch ticket, and a custom raffle ticket for each of your sponsors. SpeedPASS includes a QR Code so you can scan your attendees in, and so your sponsors can scan their collected raffle tickets, and you can then provide them with the custom report of those scans. Sponsors no longer have to hand key into their CRM systems each attendees email address, plus the new report includes more contact information on the attendees, since many sponsors lead systems have required fields for those additional details. Sponsors are reporting that what used to take them 3 hours of hand keying in, now only takes them 15 minutes for one event's collected tickets. This is a huge time savings for your sponsors, and should help you get more sponsorship dollars if you add this as a benefit on your sponsorship plans.

Below is a brief summary on using SpeedPASS, but it is highly recommended that you download and read the full instructions in the attachment on this page.

  1. SpeedPASS can be turned on 14 days prior to your event. To turn this feature on, you must first go into the admin site, under Event Settings/Site Settings and change the box from Do Not Use SpeedPASS to Use SpeedPASS.
  2. Once you change this setting, you will be prompted a message asking if you want it to include the Lunch ticket in attendees SpeedPASS'. If you are not charging for lunch, then you probably do not need to print lunch tickets, unless your venue is charging you per lunch provided, then you may want to go ahead and include the lunch ticket so you can collect them at the lunch line. For events charging for lunch, the SpeedPASS will only print a lunch ticket for attendees who pre-paid for their lunch. It is recommended that you send a message to Attendees - Unpaid Lunch, using the event token called Lunch/Reg status, so that those who have not paid for lunch yet can do so (the token sends them their unique Paypal registration link), and SpeedPASS will add the lunch ticket for them upon regenerating.
  3. Save your changes to Site Settings.
  4. Next, go into each of your Sponsors and double check that you have checked the box that says Print Raffle Ticket. If a sponsor is not providing a giveaway, then you will want to be sure that box is unchecked, so it doesn't print an unnecessary raffle ticket on the SpeedPASS'.
  5. Next, go into Manage Registrations and mark "complimentary" (comped) anyone that you desire to not have to pay for a lunch. Typically this is your volunteers. The system by default sets all your speakers to receive a comped lunch. All comped lunches, the SpeedPASS will print a lunch ticket out for those attendees.
  6. Now you should be ready to generate your SpeedPASS'. Under Site Settings, you will go into Manage SpeedPASS, and hit the Generate button. This process will take some time, depending on the number of registrants you have, so just go ahead and logout for about an hour.
  7. Once the process is done, you are now ready to email your registrants their SpeedPASS link. Some very important things to know about this part. In Send Message, you MUST use the actual SpeedPASS link available there in the Link options. Just simply click it and it will drop it into the HTML editor. The SpeedPASS link is unique to each attendees registration ID and email. You cannot just copy/paste one's own SpeedPASS link into the email, you must use the actual Link provided, so that when an attendee opens that email and clicks on the link, they will see their OWN unique .pdf of their SpeedPASS. 
  8. It is recommended that at the end of each day or at least every other day the two weeks before your event, that you go back into Manage Registrations and click the Generate New button. This will then generate SpeedPASS for any newly registered attendees, and it will also update any lunches that were paid to existing SpeedPASS'.  You will want to be sure to Generate New at the minimum before sending the SpeedPASS link out again.
  9. It is recommended that you send several messages out reminding attendees to pre-print and pre-cut their SpeedPASS', again, being sure to include the provided Link, so they get their unique, custom SpeedPASS .pdf. Having attendees pre-print and pre-cut their SpeedPASS, will make for a much smoother check-in process the morning of your event.
  10. AGAIN, please read the full instructions located in the attachment on this page. The above were very brief instructions on getting the SpeedPASS created and sent. The attached has additional details on things like the QR Code and your sponsors' report.


  • Have a table away from or before your check-in tables with several pairs of scissors handy, for those who forget to pre-cut their SpeedPASS. Don't have the scissors at the actual check-in table, as that will slow up the check-in process for those who did pre-print.
  • Have two check in tables. One for those who did pre-print their SpeedPASS, and one for those who did not (and if capable, have a printer onsite, so you can print their SpeedPASS for them). If you do not have the ability to have printers onsite, or just don't want to, you can pre-print several of the Blank SpeedPASS' reports out, so that you can at least provide these attendees with a name badge and raffle tickets for the giveaways.
  • You could also have a third check-in table for those who are walk-ups, that did not pre-register for your event. For those, you should provide a Blank SpeedPASS, because the process for generating new SpeedPASS' will take too long, and just hold up the line.
  • On the evening before your event, go into Manage Registrations and regenerate all your SpeedPASS' again, just so you know you've captured all attendees, and late paid lunches. Then copy the zip file that is created to a USB or to a laptop that you plan to use during registration at your table for those who didn't pre-print. The zip makes it easy for you to quickly find an attendees SpeedPASS and print it out. The zip is also handy in the event your venue's wifi goes down.

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